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Three Mile Meal: Senselab combines Relational Art and public-food activism (Published: Montreal Gazette)

senselabMONTREAL – Though we live in an age where information is constant and ubiquitous, how much do we really know about our own neighbours?

The artists and philosophers at SenseLab, a “laboratory for thought in motion” at Concordia University, think that finding common ground is more important than information exchange.

Through Three Mile Meal, its public event this weekend, SenseLab is inviting people in three adjacent neighbourhoods — Outremont, Mile End and Park Extension — to explore their curiosity about each other through artistic and social means. The event takes place over three days at three sites, where three versions of bread — challah, dosas and crêpes — will be served by members of Friends of Hutchison in Outremont and community leaders in Park Ex. (The Outremont food will be kosher on Friday and Sunday, and the Park Ex food will be halal.)

The public kitchens will be linked by mobile “lack-of-information booths” — adult trikes with spice-, seed- and drink-distribution capabilities that will circulate between the sites, and will connect the sites via handlebar-mounted iPads that will share video linkage throughout the three-day event.

The hope is that this event can bring people together who might not otherwise socialize, as a starting point to discover common ground and foster future collaborations. Read article