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Archive for March, 2011

Montreal, C’est toi ma ville (National Geographic Traveler)

A comprehensive online guide to Montreal written for National Geographic Traveller’s Places of a Lifetime franchise: “Je me souviens” (I remember) is Quebec’s provincial motto, and history is present everywhere in Montreal, a city teeming with architecture and culture from the past three centuries. Canada’s second largest, third oldest, and most cosmopolitan city is also a […]

Paul Merrick, Vancouver architect (in The Walrus)

Almost Grown: Paul Merrick, whose firm is one of several designing Vancouver’s Olympic Village, thinks his beloved city is finally outgrowing its architectural adolescence. If cities are like human bodies, as Paul Merrick says, then West Vancouver is the city’s long left arm thrown out into Burrard Inlet. Marine Drive, the road that hugs much […]

Extract, by Mike Judge (Hour Magazine, cover)

This American Life: Mike Judge’s Extract is another wry social satire for the masses-maybe When Mike Judge walks into our interview in Los Angeles last week, all I see at first is a mild-looking bald man in a peach dress shirt greeting me in a shy, halting, almost-Midwestern mutter. But then, as I look closer […]

Canadian exclusive: Gary Oldman in Red Riding Hood (Hour Magazine, cover)

Father figure: Oldman as debauched-wolf-killer in RRH remake. Ratings: You can’t live with ‘em, and you can’t make a studio movie without ‘em. When director Catherine Hardwicke (Twilight, Lords of Dogtown) decided with her production team that she’d like to rejig the ancient folktale of Little Red Riding Hood as teen entertainment for the Twilight demographic, with […]

Sucker Punch, by Zack Snyder (Hour Magazine, cover)

Women on the Verge: Sucker Punch puts weapons of destruction in the hands of babes A sucker punch is synonymous with what’s called a “dirty hit,” or misogynistically, a “bitch move.” It’s a hit that takes the recipient unawares, usually from behind. But Zack Snyder’s Sucker Punch is nothing if not full frontal (though not […]