Illustration by Rupert Bottenberg

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This is how they do it: Inside Moment Factory (in the Montreal Gazette, October 2011))

Photo: Moment Factory, LAX

Photo: Moment Factory, LAX

When you walk into Moment Factory, let the door slam behind you – the banging noise makes the giant circular projected LED clock in the entry way jump back two hours.If you keep your eye on it, though, it soon snaps back to the present. The purpose of this, apparently, is to show us that action and thought here are fast-paced, so we have to act and react quickly – to seize the Moment. Once you see the clock, you’re tempted to clap, stamp your feet, or other- wise play with it – which is exactly the point: Play. Have fun.

The idea of playfulness is a priority at this factory of moments, up here in the big, white, loft space on the train-track edge of Outremont, where the Montreal company has been playing at making public entertainment for exactly a decade. (Well, not exactly – they started off in a party loft on
lower St. Laurent Blvd. (see timeline below). Through play, they can provoke thought, create wonder, coax people to interact with their environments in new, sensorial ways. Read article at (archived)