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Corpus Delicti: Disappearance and Bodily Traces in Vancouver 1978-2007 (Published: Maisonneuve)

This is one from the vaults; my first glossy feature and first National Magazine Award win. Being in Vancouver again makes me think about how much has changed since this was published-  and how nothing has.

The original piece had amazing art direction, and images from Stan Douglas and Lincoln Clarkes, two of my favourite Vancouver photographers.

Images from Stan Douglas and Lincoln Clarkes.

“Beyond the search for the corpus delicti—beyond headlines about the “pig farm killer,” the accused Robert Pickton, and the certainty that this is the largest serial murder investigation Canada has ever known—this search is about a crisis of meaning and reconciliation in a city where, for years, the very absence of these bodies had to be insisted on. In a sense, Vancouver is discovering its entire body politic, the unacknowledged parts of its anatomy—vulgar and dangerous—that polite discussion always avoids. Ironically, the women who disappeared are more present now than they ever were when alive”. Read article here.