Illustration by Rupert Bottenberg

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Ranch-to-table in the Chilcotin (B.C. Business)

Biodynamic, holistic Rafter 25 Ranch makes their money where their mouth is

rafter 25In the remote Chilcotin plateau, ranching is a way of life. Along Highway 20, the two-lane road that stretches across the Chilcotin Plateau between Williams Lake and Bella Coola, the million-dollar views of the Coastal Range and the rolling green rivers by scenery of ranch life: Lodgepole-pine fences, grazingĀ  beef cattle, barns.

Over the past few years, some decidedly un-barn-like buildings have popped up along the stretch of the highway between Alexis Creek and Redstone: A settlement of cabins around two large modern pine buildings with moss, grass and wildflowers growing right out of their roofs, fronted by a big patio overlooking a man-made pond, which is an energy-efficient (and pretty) way to cool the building. Read article