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The Grand Tour – On Tour with Arcade Fire in Europe (Published: enRoute)

By the time I’m at the foot of Frank Gehry’s Guggenheim Museum Bilbao, I haven’t slept in five days and I’m running on bocadillos and adrenalin. The circadian rhythms of touring like a musician are new to me; when you’re travelling on this kind of schedule, your experience of time and space becomes intensified, amplified, […]

This is how they do it: Inside Moment Factory (in the Montreal Gazette, October 2011))

When you walk into Moment Factory, let the door slam behind you – the banging noise makes the giant circular projected LED clock in the entry way jump back two hours.If you keep your eye on it, though, it soon snaps back to the present. The purpose of this, apparently, is to show us that […]

Tom Waits, Real Gone (Hour Magazine, cover)

Nighthawk in the light of day: Tom Waits gets Real Gone on latest album and leaves the piano at home “Hi, I’m calling from Tom Waits’ office,” says the pleasant publicist voice on the other end of the line. “I’ll put Tom through now. Are you ready?” Tom Waits has an office? It strikes me […]

Montreal, C’est toi ma ville (National Geographic Traveler)

A comprehensive online guide to Montreal written for National Geographic Traveller’s Places of a Lifetime franchise: “Je me souviens” (I remember) is Quebec’s provincial motto, and history is present everywhere in Montreal, a city teeming with architecture and culture from the past three centuries. Canada’s second largest, third oldest, and most cosmopolitan city is also a […]

The Year Dolly Parton Was My Mom, by Tara Johns (Hour Magazine, cover)

Montreal director makes dreams come true in her first feature, The Year Dolly Parton Was My Mom Next week, Tara Johns’ first feature, The Year Dolly Parton Was My Mom, will close the Rendez-vous du Cinéma Québécois – a huge honour for any film, especially a first feature from an anglo filmmaker, shot and set […]

The Socalled Movie (Hour Magazine, cover)

Socalled Life: Filmaker Garry Beitel takes a kaleidoscopic approach to Josh Dolgin in The Socalled Movie It sounded like a great idea for a documentary: In 2007, the Montreal rapper and producer Socalled, a.k.a. Josh Dolgin, along with his parents, organized a klezmer/heritage cruise down the Dnieper River from Kiev to Odessa. On the chartered […]

Reel Injun, by Neil Diamond (Hour Magazine, cover)

The Real Neil Diamond: Cree documentarian finds his own fame at FIFA The receptionist at the Palm Springs Hilton doesn’t miss a beat when I dial up and ask for Neil Diamond. Apparently, he’s staying at the hotel under his own name. The Montreal-based Cree filmmaker Neil Diamond may not yet be as famous as […]