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Archive for 'The Walrus'

Polytechnique, by Denis Villeneuve (in The Walrus)

Montreal filmmaker Denis Villeneuve brings the Polytechnique massacre to the screen Twenty years ago this December, as they finished up their last week of classes before the Christmas break, fourteen young women at Montreal’s École Polytechnique were killed by twenty-five-year-old Marc Lépine, who entered the school with a semi-automatic machine gun sheathed in a garbage […]

Paul Merrick, Vancouver architect (in The Walrus)

Almost Grown: Paul Merrick, whose firm is one of several designing Vancouver’s Olympic Village, thinks his beloved city is finally outgrowing its architectural adolescence. If cities are like human bodies, as Paul Merrick says, then West Vancouver is the city’s long left arm thrown out into Burrard Inlet. Marine Drive, the road that hugs much […]